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Lifestyle Options at
Gardens Seniors Living

Each person's needs require different level of attention and nourishment. At Gardens Senior Living we offer multiple living options to provide as much or as little care a a person needs. Find out more about Assisted Living or Memory Care to get the level of support from a loving, dedicated team. When it comes to taking care of our residents we strive every day to answer the question,
"What does love require of me today?"

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Expect Meaningful

Active Participation

Healthy Lifestyle

Activities should support one's Mind, Body and Spirit.  At The Gardens, we will have a variety of healthy activities and exercise programs.  We will also have restaurant quality dining that is not only delicious, but healthy as well.

We believe every life has purpose and meaning.  Our approach at The Gardens is to have active residents participating in a variety of Meaningful and Purposeful activities.

New Friendships

From the activity of Dining with others three times a day to winding down in the courtyard reminiscing about the old days, The Gardens will provide many opportunities to build new, strong and meaningful relationships.

Purposeful Surroundings

Our communities are designed with the residents in mind.  The aim is to have a beautiful and comfortable surroundings that anyone would be willing to make their home.  The beautiful courtyards, fresh herb gardens and personalized memory boxes for each suite are just a few ways we keep our Garden lovely.

Beautiful Gardens

Vegetable, fruit, flower, herb, tree or even rock.....The Gardens will help find that area of interaction that can be used to help cultivate our hope in tomorrow.

Intergenerational Opportunities

We encourage the families of our residents to become involved in what is happening at The Gardens.

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Every life has purpose and meaning.

Happy Senior Couple

Contact our us to learn about what makes our community feel like home. We can't wait to meet you!

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