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Memory Care

Specialized care that serves your whole family. 

No one should go through dementia or Alztheimer's feeling helpless or like a burden. Discover the compassion and kindness of our Memory Care community. With unmatched expertise and a loving heart, we will help you and your loved one navigate this difficult journey with integrity, kindness, and empathy. 

Our team will be trained to address the unique needs of someone with dementia and Alztheimer's disease around the clock 24/7, caring for them holistically -- mind, body, and soul -- and supporting them in a variety of enriching and engaging activities. Our Memory Care team will be warm, inviting, and ensure a safe and secure space. There will always be someone there for your loved one when they're needed. 

Life in Our
Memory Care Community

Here's what to expect when transitioning into Memory Care: 

  • A specialized care plan based on regular assessments. 

  • Enriching neighborhood. 

  • Security and wandering protection. 

  • Mealtime Assistance

  • Help with all daily living activities. 

  • Respect and dignity for your loved one. 

  • Personalized support -- no matter the needs. 

Medical Consultation
Security Alarm
Smiling Senior Couple
Senior Therapy
Comforting Hands
Happy Senior Couple

For more information on how Memory Care can provide a fulfilling, purposeful, and safe environment give us a call.  

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