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Your Home is Currently Being Built

Our Communities

We are extremely excited to become a part of the Carleton and Three Rivers communities. As each of our first two locations are currently undergoing construction we are vigorously working to build the team and culture that will make each location feel like home. 

Like us on Facebook and LinkedIn to follow the evolution of The Gardens and stay up to date on any events, or Contact Us to learn more about calling the Gardens home! 

The Gardens of Carleton

Coming Fall 2023


12400 Mathews St, Carleton, Michigan, 48117

Keep checking in for updates on upcoming events.


The Gardens of  Three Rivers

Coming Fall 2023


1365 W. Broadway St, Three Rivers, Michigan, 49093

Keep checking in for updates on upcoming events.

Whispering to Granddad

Are you thinking that you or a loved one may soon start needing a little extra assistance?

Contact our team to discuss next steps. 

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