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Our suites are designed to be intimate spaces that you or your loved one can personalize in many different ways.  Our belief is that everyone has their own 'personal garden' in the space they call Home.  There are many different ways that our rooms could be laid out, based on personal preference.  Our services are all-inclusive for room and board (personal care level fees still apply).  Cable TV, Phone, WiFi Internet Access, Three Delicious Meal, a Highly Trained Staff and personal call system are all included!

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Health and Wellness


The Gardens approach is to create Purpose and Meaning on a daily basis in our residents' lives.  However, we do not overlook the fact that many seniors have some sort of medical condition they are dealing with.  We will work with local therapy organizations and in-house wellness programs to ensure our residents are engaged in their own well-being.  From support with delivering medications safe and timely on a daily basis, to end-of-life Hospice care.  Our residents receive all the support they need to be comfortable in their new home.

Our Staff


Our staff are the heart and soul of our service to you.  We do extensive interviewing and background checks to ensure that we are bringing qualified Resident Support Leaders onto our team.  Our team goes through extensive training that is required by the State of Michigan (as being a licensed Home For The Aged) and beyond.  

We believe that it is everyone's job at The Gardens to PULL WEEDS.  We are a team of people with a Unified Commitment to each other and the residents we serve.  Everyone, in every department of The Gardens will be willing and able to support our residents to a level of excellence.

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