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Gardening Together
"I know in my heart that man is good, that what is right will always eventually triumph, and there is Purpose and Worth to each and every life."
Epitaph on Ronald Reagan's Tombstone

About Gardens Senior Living

Experience you can trust to deliver an excellent experience for you.

With over 100 years of combined experience with some of the biggest names in the industry, our team of Servant Leaders has come together to deliver an excellent option for you or your loved one.  An option that is generally focused on the idea that the act of gardening a variety of plants helps to drive more meaning and purpose for our residents.  

Gardening has been proven to lessen loneliness and depression,

give purpose to one's day and even support physical health benefits as well. 

Similar to trees, flowers and fruit bearing plants; we believe that every person has their own unique conditions for individual growth.  We strive to cater our environment and experience in this fashion.   Individualized apartment settings, delicious and healthy restaurant style, farm to table, meals all with Resident Support Leaders on staff around the clock to support whatever needs you or your loved one may have.  

Our Core Principles

Unbridled Trust

Trust is the building block of our success.  We will work diligently to earn the trust of our residents, their families/friends as well as our employees. Everyday will be another opportunity to renew that trust.

Unified Commitment

A team that is unified in their purpose will work together to deliver excellent service.  Our goal is to hire the best Resident Support Leaders to deliver on our Mission every day.

Unmatched Integrity

Integrity is vital in human services.  We will always champion doing the 'right' thing at all times; simply because it is 'right'.  This will guide our decision making process.


Unselfish Service

Our residents deserve 110% of our attention and support.  Our team is called to always go above and beyond for the needs and desires of our residents.


Seniors practicing yoga
Home Cook
Quality Time
Community Garden
Happy Elderly Couple.

Why Choose Gardens? 

We Believe Every Life Has Purpose and Meaning

We look to plant, feed and cultivate the seeds of Honor, Joy and Hope for every resident, family and team member we encounter.

  • Honor (past) – Every human being has life experiences that they bring into our environment.  Our goal is to investigate those experiences and celebrate those daily.

  • Joy (present) – We aim to create an individualized daily experience for those who choose to live in our garden.  Similar to plants, every person has specific daily needs that will help them grow to their fullest potential and bloom where they are planted.

  • Hope (future) – We strive to create an environment where residents look forward to what is to come tomorrow.  Providing resident-specific and purposeful daily experiences helps to give a positive outlook for the future.

Happy Senior Couple

Ready for learn what type of care you or your loved one may need? Give us a call today to start the conversation! 

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